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The Most Transformative Design & CAD Automation Services

At Trikaal, we don’t cut corners but instead specialize in tightening them by developing custom design applications and plugins that meet specific client needs. With a strong knowledge of engineering processes and expertise in software development, we help clients improve their efficiencies by executing projects with a competitive edge.

Our Expertise in Design & CAD Automation

We help companies evade problems that they may face in engineering scenarios, such as encountering repetitive design situations. We enable companies to transition from old school designs drawn on sheets and manufactured manually to a more dynamic and knowledge-based engineering approach which logically combines various engineering concepts with real time applications during product development. We do this by establishing standard processes that automate mundane and complex tasks, increase their operational efficiency, help companies become fully automated and paper free in the future, thereby leading to shorter lead time across various stages of product development, bidding, production and manufacturing. With our CAD customization, a drawing/design of a mechanical component can be generated with great precision, and engineers can make quick modifications to any problems observed in the design. In other words, the design can be made dynamic and customized in accordance with the needs outlined before or after the CAD design is generated.

Our Range of Services

Application Development for Engineering Drawings Creation:
  • NET / PHP / Java
  • Integrating with Database – MSSQL / MYSQL
  • ETO (Engineering to Order) automation with CAD

API / VBA development for specific needs in:
  • Revit Architecture / Structure / MEP
  • Inventor
  • AutoCAD
  • Any other application using C++ or VBA
System / Process Automation (Partial / Full):
  • Template Setup
  • 2D library - interactive, repeated uses components – Block / Dynamic Block with Parameters
  • 3D components using table driven / Parametric setup
  • Macros / Lisp routines for complex / iterative tasks
  • Family / Content creation for Autodesk Revit (Arch / Struct / MEP)
  • BOM, Balloon automation

If you are looking to develop custom design applications
and plugins that meet specific needs, get in touch with us.

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