Transforming Ideas into Customized Designs

Our Mechanical Engineering design division renders designs through every phase - initial concept, preliminary design, variation analysis and optimization - through mechanical design, Modelling and drafting expertise. We create coordination drawings for all types of mechanical assemblies, architectural schematics, structural designs and transform them into perfectly accurate multi-layer CAD drawings.

Our comprehensive range of CAD services enables us to provide customized solutions, with a quality-centric approach.

Over the years, we have established long-term, strategic relationships with our customers through a customer-centric approach that is evident by the enviable list of loyal clientele who associate with us for all their CAD drafting, designing and rendering services. Leveraging on mutual strengths, we focus on delivering services to customers that substantially reduce the overload of their engineering department. We thus help engineers understand how real world variances affect design before detailed design occurs, resulting in significant savings in time, effort and money.

Our Expertise in the Mechanical Domain

With a combination of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology, Trikaal addresses a gamut of CAD design services. We have years of experience in mechanical engineering designs and have delivered numerous projects. Our varied clientele includes Fortune 500 companies to small manufacturing industries.

Our Range of Services

We spread our capabilities by providing solutions in product development including conceptual design, industrial and mechanical engineering design, CAD Modelling and detailing, simulation, and analysis. Our engineering analysis services address various issues related to product design, development and manufacturing. Our expertise lies in providing FE Modelling, and structural/vibration/static analysis.

Concept / Product Design

From initial concept to rapid production readiness, with extensive experience, we provide product design services by supporting manufacturing companies in engineering to create innovative products, by reducing costs, shortening development cycles and bringing products to the market faster.

FEA Analysis

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is really a matter of good engineering and good business. FEA of critical design components, while under design or on the engineering change list, can greatly enhance the overall product quality. The design can be checked against deformation, stress, vibration and/or temperature specifications. FEA can also reduce product cost significantly, especially if applied early in the design cycle.

CAE Analysis

Computer-aided Engineering (often referred to as CAE) is the use of information technology to support engineers in tasks such as analysis, simulation, design, manufacture, planning, diagnosis, and repair. Software tools that have been developed to support these activities are considered CAE tools. We use CAE tools to analyze the robustness and performance of components and assemblies.

Modelling / Visualization

Modelling and Visualization are increasingly becoming important elements within engineering industries. We use a Modelling process to create a representation of a concept or phenomenon, expressed as mathematics, logic, rules, relationships, properties and data. Visualization is widely used in examining and communicating the structure and behavior of a model – a way of ‘seeing’ the results in a meaningful scenario, rather than being finite practices.

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