Telecom Infrastructure (Fixed)

The right design inputs for taking the right decisions.

We provide design inputs that aid better management and decision making to build fixed telecom infrastructure design, copper wire, and fibre projects within the scheduled time.

Our Expertise in Telecom Fixed

We have worked extensively in this area including providing the optimum design support in FTTH network to connect 1.5 lakhs units (living units/service units/business units) in both Greenfield and Brownfield in Europe through facade, underground, network poles and utility poles.

Our Range of Services in Telecom Fixed

We are providing the following services in fiber network design (FTTH, FTTC, FTTB, FTTN, HFC)

  • Network planning to stimulate end to end fiber connectivity, delivery, and construction to units
  • Planning/Design/Drafting/Scoping and workprint creation
  • Route feasibility study, validity and verification of the address of all the LU/SU/BU under the distribution area
  • Creation and delivery of high-level designs using GIS-based tools such as Qgis, AutoCAD Maps and G-Technology
  • Validating survey reports, photos, maps and chamber details
  • Cost-effective preparation of preliminary design for optimization of the network and approval from the operator
  • Civil work for cable route

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