We provide support from Concept to design for buildings of Residential, commercial, industrial & multiplex during the following technology phases
      • Architecture
      • Civil & Structural stability
      • HVAC, MEP


Our expertise

We have a well experienced and versatile team in all the three technology phases. Our expertise uses the latest software to get the best results for our clients. AutoCAD, Architectural desktop, AutoCADMEP, Autodesk Revit architecture, 3DsMAX, Vector works architecture, etc are few of the technical application software we use for designing in building engineering services. We have a team of:
2 Electrical engineers with more than 5 Years of experience in HVAC / MEP
2 Architects with more than 20 years experience
5 Civil engineers with more than 3 years if experience
10 Diploma in various engineering to support detailing.
Our capabilities
We provide the following services in the architectural domain:
Architectural design and schemes presentation in 2D/3D
Detailed drawings
Contract document production, 3D modeling
Renderings and Presentations
Can provide services to Architectural companies from initial sketches to Final drawings.
Provide an outsourcing solution for architectural drafting of floor plans, elevations, roof plans, building/wall sections, renderings and walk through
Our architectural drawings are in compliance with international standards
Architects are experienced in handling drawings for residence in US, UK & Europe either for new or renovation in accordance with the plan.
Our drawings adhere to customer requirements and specifications
Design Solutions:
Residential buildings are designed for HVAC system using Window units , Split units and Heaters.
Commercial buildings are designed with various systems based on the requirement, budget and payback using Split units – multiples, Ducting, VRF system, Chill water cooling system, Heat pump system / heater and Air distribution system.
Industrial buildings are designed based some considerations such as Temperature regulations, Humidification, Filtration / Clean room and Humidity control
 Retrofitting of existing Systems
This has made an importance in terms of saving energy by adapting advanced technologies to get the desired condition at reduced cost. We can study & analyze the existing system and also propose better design considering the saving by payback.
 Receiving Architectural drawings
With detail of persons, equipments, accessories in each room for calculation of load and designing the HVAC system
 Concept design
Preliminary conceptual design meeting above laid requirements is prepared and submitted to the client
 Tenders / Quotation
  • Receiving tenders, quotation for the executing the work based on the Conceptual design submitted
  • Final design
  • Based on the tenders, approval received from the client final design with ducting and layout is done.
  • Execution & commissioning
  • Based on the requirement we shall be assisting during the phase of execution of site work and commissioning.
We provide HVAC design services for the following categories of buildings requirements
Residential    :  Independent houses, Flats, Apartments
Commercial  :  Large Office complexes, Hotels, Malls, Theatres
Industrial       :  Deep freezing, Food storage, Hospital, Laboratories
  • We support in preparing design drawings that encompass total layout for MEP, Schematic drawing (Floor level) , Ducting / Routing, Connector types with attributes such as ID numbers and size, capacity, usages etc.
  • Bill of Materials
  • Prepare drawings by tracing
  • Digitizing to CAD format from Non-CAD information source
  • Cleaning and arranging drawing information as per draft standard
  • Preparing floor plan layout and schematic for building services like  HVAC, drainage, water supply and fire fighting
Documentation :
The designed system is documented properly to have the execution, commissioning, follow-up intact.
We can provide drawings illustrations of duct layouts, assembly of equipments, flow control and CFM at each room and ducts
       BOQ with the cost estimation to get the budget and total cost of the system can also be provided.
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