Trikaal’s division of mechanical engineering design system that takes part in mechanical designs through every phase, from initial concept, to preliminary design, variation analysis and optimization.

Using our mechanical design, modeling and drafting expertise we can also create coordination drawings for all types of mechanical assemblies, architectural schematics, structural designs and then transform them into perfectly accurate multi-layer CAD drawings.
Our comprehensive range of CAD services enables us to provide customized solutions for your specific requirements.
Our quality centric approach and domain expertise are evident by the enviable list of loyal clientele who association us for all their CAD drafting, designing and rendering services.
Our knowledge in the domains of solar and wind power technologies has enabled many companies and individuals make their green ideas into reality.
We believe in establishing long-term, strategic relationship with our customers. Leveraging on mutual strengths, we focus on delivering services to customer that substantially reduces the burden off their engineering department. Thus, helping engineers understand how real world variances affect design before detailed design occurs, resulting in significant savings in time, effort and money.
Our expertise
With the combination of skilled professionals and state - of - the - art - Technology, Trikaal addresses a gamut of CAD drafting services. We have over 6years of experience in mechanical engineering designs and have delivered more than 60 projects. Our varied clientele include one of the major fortune 500 companies to small manufacturing industries.
Trikaal Technologies has a dedicated team for mechanical engineering services with years of experience in Renewable Energy Domain and complete IP rights assigned to Clients.

The team comprises of
  • 10 Mechanical engineers with more than 6 years of experience in Mechanical design & support
  • 15 Diploma in various engineering to support detailing.
  • Team of 5 creative product development engineers and energy specialists.  
Our capabilities
We spread our capabilities by providing solutions in product development including conceptual design, industrial and mechanical engineering design, CAD modeling and detailing, simulation, analysis.
Our engineering analysis services address various issues related to product design, development and manufacturing. Our expertise lies in providing FE modeling, and structural/vibration/static analysis.
We specialize in developing customized Design Automation meeting specific client needs across various engineering segments. We leverage our understanding of the needs of engineering companies, knowledge of engineering processes, and expertise in software development to design these solutions that help our clients improve their engineering efficiencies and provide a significant competitive advantage. Our design automation solutions assist engineering organizations develop products & execute projects with improving quality and at optimal cost. We help them reduce the manual aspect of the design process & related errors and capture organizational knowledge of proprietary processes for future use.
Our mechanical engineering services include:
Concept / Product Design:
From initial concept to rapid production readiness, with extensive experience, we provide product design services by supporting manufacturing companies in engineering to create innovative products, reduce costs, shorten development cycles and bring products to the market faster.
FEA Analysis:
FEA of critical design components, while under design or on the engineering change list, can greatly enhance the overall product quality. The design can be checked against deformation, stress, vibration and/or temperature specifications. FEA can also reduce product cost significantly, especially if applied early in the design cycle. Using finite element analysis is really a matter of good engineering and good business.
CAE Analysis:
Computer-aided engineering (often referred to as CAE) is the use of information technology to support engineers in tasks such as analysis, simulation, design, manufacture, planning, diagnosis, and repair.Software tools that have been developed to support these activities are considered CAE tools. CAE tools are being used, for example, to analyze the robustness and performance of components and assemblies.
Modeling / Visualization:
Modelling and visualisation are increasingly becoming important elements within the engineering industries. We use modelling process to create a representation of a concept or phenomenon, expressed as mathematics, logic, rules, relationships, properties and data. Visualisation is widely used in examining and communicating the structure and behaviour of a model – a way of ‘seeing’ the results in a meaningful scenario. Rather than being finite practices.
Electromechanical and Consumer Products :
We perform all stages of product development designing from the concept of the product till the prototyping stage which includes LED lights, DC Motors, Solenoids, Plastic and Metal components. 
Renewable Energy Products:
 We design and develop Solar power thermal/concentratic PV collector module, small wind turbines. We develop innovative and competitive products  in Solar and Wind power for the highly demanding Renewable Energy Industry.   We have hands on experience in developing concentrated PV/Thermal collectors  in Solar domain and 3.75KW small wind turbine
Reengineering and Legacy Conversion :
In any mechanical and electro-mechanical products using 3D laser scanning, reverse engineering method
Solution using API programming:
For automating repetitive or predefined tasks in design document generation
Our expertise use software products such as Autodesk Inventor and Similar CAD Applications in mechanical engineering designing solutions.
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