Earlier, the mobile operators were directly involved in the installation and maintenance of the mobile towers. The intense competition in the telecom industry forced all the operators to look for opportunities to reduce the cost of operations by outsourcing network related activities such as installation, construction, designing, maintenance, inspection, etc. Being one of the engineering service providers in India, this is a challenge for us as we have an intense scope in telecom infrastructure designing. We can supply an almost infinite variety of tower designs that provide optimal performance at a reasonable cost. This would help to reduce the overall network operation.
Telecom infrastructure design
Trikaal provides innovative, competitive and top quality site designs to Telecom tower site industry. We design customized foundation of towers as per the site requirements. Every tower design and foundations are done as per Indian and international standards. We consider not only the environmental load conditions that must be endured (wind, ice, and seismic loads), but also considers the safety of the construction personnel and equipment availability, local terrain, and suitability of the structure for the proposed application.

Each tower is provided with a set of engineering drawings that succinctly summarizes the design of the tower, foundations, layout of cabinets, arrangement of antennas, microwaves, co-axes, cables routing, etc in a detailed manner as it can be executed
Our expertise
Trikaal has an established team of highly qualified professionals with extensive international experience in the telecommunications industry with the ability to customize the site designs as per client requirements.Our skilled design engineers and draftspersons provide optimal layout design based on site conditions, Radio frequency requirements, architectural constraints and customer choices. We have inbuilt library of tools, symbols and language that can be readily used for the preparation of drawings. In-house software for scheduling and delivering projects on time is used. All drawings are prepared with licensed software AutoCAD.
 Trikaal ensures that designs are compliant with applicable health and safety norms. We use advanced tools and techniques inorder to design the most cost efficient foundation for given conditions.
Our Capabilities
We prepare design documents for construction of mobile and wireless telecommunication sites for various service providers. We provide designs for newly constructed towers and existing towers. Support in adding supporting device for antennas and cables can be provided. Bill of material can be prepared for all the projects. Providing tower and equipment support designs for concrete foundations and concrete slabs are one of our main features. We have worked on a variety of sites such as Green field (lattice tower, lightpole, monopole, multi-operator pylons).HV pylon, Churches, Water towers, Chimney towers, Roof top towers (commercial and residential buildings).
The network roll-out takes place in the  following phases:
    1. Pre-lease drawings
    2. Lease drawing package
    3. Build permit application package
    4. Environmental permit application package
    5. Site-specific detailed design
    6. Site-specific stealth design
    7. As built package
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